Wednesday 3 October 2012

home is the sailor

Settled in after an epic voyage along the Grand Union Canal. I'll write it up presently; but it had high adventures, like almost conking out in a tunnel

...encountering cannibals in Leighton Buzzard

...rescuing shipwrecked sailors, and meeting friendly natives.

"You smell of oil" said Katie when I got home...


  1. I don't really do jealousy but this comes close, I used to long for a canal boat holiday when young...

  2. We hired a barge on the Severn once long ago. Just one day but it was full of memories. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. I'd had misgivings, Caroline, having seen nose-to-tail narrowboats on the Shropshire Union canal as I walked to Llangollen, and thought it looked like hell, with the DADS all with their admiral hats on at the helm.... but this was a proper voyage, and everything was great!
    I'd like to go on the Severn, Anji- but I imagine sailing upstream must be very slow going! ...though this particular boat had quite a small engine.
    It is Delia, Deb- I messaged her as we approached Leighton Buzzard, and it turned out she lives 5 mins from the canal, so joined us and showed us the sights.

  4. Sorry, I have missed some of your recent posts.

    As mentioned on Flickr, I manage to become seasick on canals (the saddo I am), but have always secretly harboured the idea of living the life on a narrowboat. I get the feeling I would miss my space but it has such a romance to it I might still dream.

  5. I think I'd need an onshore storage facility too, Bella if I were to take to the water! Though maybe having simplicity forced upon me would be helpful in staying focused.