Saturday, 6 October 2012

poets who lunch

Down to the Bristol Old Vic yesterday, for Poetry Can's monthly 'Can Openers' lunchtime event. The guest poet was Sally Jenkinson. She went down a storm, which was not surprising as she is really good. And it was nice to see a quote from Holly of The Lovely Eggs on the cover of Sally's book, Sweat-Borne Secrets. You can respect a band who get Richard Brautigan into one of their songs.

I read a squib I wrote a couple of weeks ago, when Deborah and Pameli were talking about the task that they'd been set in their workshop, of writing a metaphysical poem."That sounds like fun," I thought. Poetry as therapy....

To Her Once Mistress

Like unto a telly set was our life together,
And you it was th’remote control that wielded;
What now the programme we should watch, or whether
To the pub to go; and me the one who yielded.

But now, your batteries flat, the telly long since landfilled,
I fly, in spirit aerial, unlicensed and unchannelled.


  1. Poetry that multitasks, the best sort. I LOVE this.

  2. One moment you are on the canals and next you have washed up in figgy Normandy. Did I miss something?

  3. Sorry my brain was multi tasking... Tis time of year in France for me is figgy! for you it was foggy, figgy is better...

  4. Argh! even on the wrong post, shoot me now!

  5. good morning, Caroline! Yes, I do crop up in unexpected places, too!

    -was helping a friend move some stuff from her house in Haut-Beaujolais up to Wales. Great fun, though sometimes alarming driving gurt van through french town centres...