Thursday, 16 July 2009


I was out doing stuff yesterday, and when I parked up outside the office I was visiting, I switched off the engine and heard a hissing from under the bonnet.

"Uh -oh..." I thought, pulling the bonnet release toggle.

Indeed, steam was hissing out from the little bit of tube that connects the water pump to the cylinder head.

Nothing to be done until it was cool, so I completed my business and then drove the very short distance to a branch of ALDI, where I bought loads of their sparkling spring water.

I poured a bottleful into the radiator and drove home. And removed the offending pipe. It has a split along the seam, as you can perhaps see here. And it's less than a year old.

So I replaced it with a thick piece of hose.

The positive side of this is that I've discovered that ALDI's spring water is at least as cheap as LIDL's, and it comes from Wales rather than Germany. So I'll be going back there.

Later, I sat on the top deck of the Grain Barge in the harbour, drinking cider with Brendagh and watching the Sea Cadets keeping warm with their rowing and shouting at each other. It's a shouty business, being military.

It was a bit chilly, as the sun sets in Hotwells in the middle of the afternoon, what with the great mass of Clifton looming over it. Me, I just put a coat on. But whatever floats your boat.