Monday, 13 July 2009

getting on

let go! don't let go!

Katie spent the week in Exmouth, at a school camp. In obedience to the school's request, she left her mobile phone at home. So of course I was wondering how she was getting on, and fretting ever so slightly; this was the first time she's been out of touch for a sustained time.

Down at the school on Friday afternoon, I picked my way through the rows of Range Rovers gridlocking the school entrance as other parents arrived too, to pick up the sprogs... chatting with a mum about how I wished we'd smuggled her mobile into her rucksack. Another mum piped in, "I sent mine off with his mobile, and he didn't ring me once!"

So things could be worse.

And then the coaches arrived and Katie appeared, with a rucksack as big as she is, and we said our cautious hellos. It was OK, she hadn't gone completely feral.

So we walked home together.