Thursday, 12 March 2009

you and whose origami?

Spring continues apace, and I saw celandines in flower yesterday. There is a blackbird singing even now on K's bedroom windowsill, where it is accustomed to perch. If you're careful, you can tweak the curtains apart and watch it, inches away.

Eventually I suppose I'll have to ditch the arrangement of last year's poppies and dried flowers from the kitchen, but it does look nice, and is extremely low-maintenance. K added some origami cranes, which go rather well.

I like origami, and used to do a lot of it. It is also a useful way of spending time in exams when you've run out of things to write, I have found, which is perhaps gives you some idea of my degree of academic attainment.

One thing I didn't do much of was the stuff in this book, Kokigami. It contains figures which are supposed to adorn penises, such as this squid:

...the book was a Christmas present from someone to whom I am sort-of-related, a few years back. She expressed a hope that I would be broad-minded about it.

My then partner and I looked at the book with incredulity, and ....burned it. Never mind what Heinrich Heine said, sometimes you've just got to burn something.