Sunday, 15 March 2009


So it was Red Nose Day, when people do funny things for charity. Katie's school had a 'dress in red and white' option for the day, so K put on white clothes and sprayed her hair white. White-ish, anyway. For red, she took along Munkeh, whom you may see here in his uber-Bristolian "Gert Lush" T-shirt.

She also did a sponsored animation, which you may find here

That evening, I met up with Sarah and we went round to the local primary school for a benefit gig. On the way we passed a couple locked in an embrace, though the woman lowered her thigh slightly from his waist as we passed.

"Gosh!" I said.

"Not very Westbury Park," Sarah commented.

The band were playing feelgood music. A few people were sort of half-dancing along to it, and a very enthusiastic woman was positively leaping and hopping, in a fairly large space all of her own. Maybe all gigs have someone like that at them. I remember at folk clubs there would always be a woman in a very long skirt who would do a sort-0f-Highland Fling if the band did a quicktime number. And this seemed to hold true whatever the folk club.

People were supposed to dress up as their favourite song. Not many had. I had a chat with Jack, who was dressed as Pierrot.

"Guess," he said.

"Tears of a clown?" I hazarded.

He nodded lugubriously.

Sue was rather stylishly dressed in black silk oriental pyjamas with one of those big Chinese straw hats.

"It's a Dead Kennedys song," she said.

"Ha, Holiday in Cambodia" I said. No flies on me (though I always thought that American punk bands were a bit dull, personally...)

We discussed our children and how they are getting on at school. Very punk.

I left early and wandered past the church. On the road outside were three hulking great lorries, and a generator belting along. There were floodlights everywhere. They were filming Songs Of Praise. I think the floodlights were there to simulate sunlight through the stained glass windows.

Some walkers paused to exchange Goodnights.

"They were at it till 10:30 last night" said one of them disapprovingly.

Goodness, things have evidently changed a bit since I appeared on Songs of Praise. This was back in 1967 or so, and my choir, All Saints Llanfrechfa, joined in with the throng in the school hall at Croesyceliog Grammar School for the occasion. It was filmed in real time, in one go. I think the cameraman had to crank a little handle at the side of the camera as he trundled up and down.

And now it's Anglican Hollywood. I wonder if the vicar has a retinue? -I'm not sure what a retinue is or does, but I gather that it is an essential accessory for a star.

I walked on home.

And the brass band played on and "Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven" belted out over the quiet suburb.