Sunday, 15 March 2009

more Travelling

So yesterday I did the port side suspension too, and the Trav has recovered her bounce. I went for a drive and sought out the pot holes just to make sure. Bouncy bouncy.

Here is my new ball joint splitting tool, in the act of splitting a ball joint on the steering arm

...and this is the Armstrong damper, which links to the top of the kingpin. The bottom leg on the kingpin is held down by a torsion bar, which is spring loaded. The top end links to this damper. The damper arm is linked to a little piston which slides up and down a chamber full of oil, whose top and bottom ends are connected via a small orifice which regulates the movement of the oilk through it. This means that the damper arm moves slowly and smoothly up....and down.... and that's what evens out the bounciness of the wheel.

Unless the oil level drops way down, and it starts getting clunky.

Which doesn't happen in my case, of course. O dear no.

(Goes a bit red)