Sunday, 31 August 2008


A few days holidaying. I went down to South Devon and met up with some Bristol friends. Somewhere west of Start Point, where I've not been before. So before I left I looked at Google Earth and peered down on the area from high up, to get an idea of where I was heading.

And I saw a field with bell tents in it and thought, "That must be the place".

I was right.

There were several of them, which had survived the storms surprisingly well. In the corner of the field was a pile of mangled aluminium and heaps of nylon, where wrecked tents had been dumped. Other tents had simply disappeared in the direction of Dorset, never to be seen again.

Here's M with her van. I encamped with her and A. They are seasoned outdoors types and I felt extremely minimal by comparison.

I noted happily that they are not averse to using make-up in the field, as it were, as a few people had expressed amusement that I was described as doing so in "Becoming...". So there. Real campers (or is that "glampers", as A described herself?) use make-up.

Walked, swam, ate, socialised. Holidayed.