Saturday, 2 August 2008

per ardua ad conker

So we're out cycling on Friday morning and we're riding across the grass under the conker trees and the conkers are looking quite big now so i stand up to try and clout one off the branch as I pass under the tree and.... the front wheel slips on the wet grass and I take a really heavy tumble.

I lie there for a while letting the waves of pain work their way through, while trying to reassure K, who's extremely worried. Heck, so am I. I can still move everything, though there's a lot of pain in my left hip area.

Worst fall I've had, that I recall (the motorbike accident when I was concussed doesn't count, as I lost my memory. Likewise the time I had my skull fractured by those nice football enthusiasts in Portsmouth...) And, as I realised later, it happened during the eclipse. Scary.

I hope the full moon hasn't got anything in store for me too.

Oh and the conker stayed in the tree. I've got little puncture marks in the palm of my hand from its spikes. Serves me right. I guess.