Wednesday, 20 August 2008

One careful owner, or close the toiletgate door

The war is over, and we won. Well, someone did.

Enough with this story, already. But before moving on, here's a link to Commander Steve Allan's letter about the Trafalgar Square incident.

It seems to cover all the bases; the right noises are made; there's nothing much more to be said. I just picked up on

We have taken ownership of the issues at a very senior level...

...because I have watched this turn of phrase come out of nowhere in a very short space of time. Well, out of nowhere for me, anyway. It takes a little while for new buzzwords to alight in the rarely-frequented corner of the forest where I live.

Has it been around for ages? -it seems to be a useful way of admitting responsibility for something while making it seem like you've been in the right all along. I quite liked it when I first heard it; it sounded buzzy and refreshing. I woke up. I smelled the coffee.

Anyway, having read this letter, I get the feeling that "taking ownership" is dead in the water. It is an ex-parrot. It is no longer robust.