Saturday, 5 July 2008


Fame! ...well, nearly. This blog gets a mention in Diane Purkiss' review of Becoming Drusilla in the Daily Telegraph
Dru buys a brightly coloured top to mark her femininity more strongly. Beard thinks she must order a half instead of a pint in a pub. Must Dru also become incompetent with machines? Must she become garrulously confessional, emoting for his benefit and ours? (On her own blog, Dru writes back, and there too she's less juicily confessional than we might wish.)
Quite. Juicy confessions? In these shoes? I don't think so.

It is a good review. Intelligent. I am pleased.

I am also surprised but pleased to see one of my photos there...

...although I am slightly mystified by the bit in the corner of it that says "BID UP TV", which is, Google tells me, a shopping channel. Has someone been selling my photos on telly? -what a confusing old world it is.