Saturday, 19 July 2008

something in the air

After my few days' battling with the fly invasion of the kitchen, yesterday seems to have seen the end of it. No buzzing at the windows, no splatting with the rolled-up newspaper. It reminds me of the closing scenes of the film The Battle Of Britain, where the gallant, noble etc Brits are all waiting for the day's onslaught from the Luftwaffe....and nothing happens. The skies are silent. They've won. Cue the music. Roll the credits.

I went out to take pictures of flowers, and ended up at Peregrine Point, where I squinted through my fingers at the sunny sky, watching a peregrine spiralling up higher and higher until it was a faint dot, then diving in a terrific stoop, locking on to a pigeon and curving round after it. The trees got in the way at that point, so I don't know what the result was.