Saturday, 18 June 2016

lapwing central

Something new at every mooring. Out here in the Vale of Pewsey, we're moored near a new long barrow, built for people who want to spend eternity in the style that was fashionable several thousand years ago. The people who built the original barrows were swept away by history. Following the news of murders by far right terrorists over the last couple of days, I wonder how much longer our brief flowing of culture will last.

In the great open fields, lapwings call and rise up to chase away any potential predators, and sometimes tumble around the sky for the joy of it. 

The other day they divebombed a buzzard that was in the field; it was a dramatic scene, and I've been trying to capture it. Experimenting with scraper board, inspired by the work of Kay Leverton. And realised that I've got a long way to go with learning how to use the medium. reverted to my canal pictures while thinking about it.

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