Saturday, 11 June 2016

canal cuisine

I woke up the other morning, hopped out of bed and the boat started rocking as though we were side seas in a storm. Unusual behaviour on a canal on a bright and calm June morning. 

It wasn't the boat, it was something in my head. Off to the medics I went; it's either labyrinthitis (an infection of the inner ear) or possibly something else... so I'm off to see the ENT folk soon. My kind GP referred me for an emergency appointment. 

"How will you contact me?" I asked the receptionist.
"By post" she said.

In present NHS terms, I guess that emergency means sooner-than-two-years. I'm grateful we've still got the NHS. 

So I'm not very good at moving around much, as vertigo and nausea cut in. On the plus side, if I sit still and draw pictures, that's mostly fine.

I saw the drowned fox floating near the Avoncliff aqueduct, and wanted to paint it. Finally did, then. It was of course Sherry Jim wot ate the badger.

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