Monday, 16 June 2014

on the art trail in Easton

home again, jiggety jig

To Bristol on Friday for the Easton Arts Trail. As I entered the city, something gave in the Trav's clutch linkage, and the gear changes became horribly crunchy. I pulled over ASAP, and crawled underneath and tightened up the adjuster as much as I could, and crunched my way around Bristol.

I was exhibiting in Hazel Hammond's house, along with Deborah Harvey, whose fused glass was on display, and Hazel's own very powerful installation centred around kintsugi cups....

We were very busy indeed; there were about 270 visitors over the two days. For me it was especially interesting because it was the first time I've exhibited in a context where people have come specifically to see artwork, rather than it being in the background of a place where you go to do something else, like a cafe... the conversations and comments I had were very helpful and encouraging.

With a quick bodge of the clutch, I headed back to the boat on Sunday evening, choosing a route that involved the least junctions and traffic lights; I reckon I changed gear fewer than 30 times between Bristol and Semington, near Melksham, where Eve is moored....

This is a quick post cos I feel like I need a week's sleep. Strewth. Hopefully sometime soon I'll write properly to express my thanks to Hazel, Deborah, Mal, Andi and Katie the Boat Teenager. 

Down periscope!

Hazel's installation

Deb's glass (well, some of it!)

the Trav doubles as a flagpole

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