Friday, 6 June 2014

message from the cut

It's two months now since I moved on board narrowboat Eve, and I'm finally at the point where I can start posting to the blog again. This involves finding electricity, either in 12V form (from the boat's batteries, which are charged from the engine) or 240V (from a little portable generator); and internet, which either comes via my iPhone or my friendly local library (the latter of which is where I am presently situated, and very nice it is too).

I've seen, and taken pictures of, lots of wildlife, and mets lots of nice people. I'll write more about that, before too very long... and I've been busy exhibiting my pictures at the Better Food Company in Bristol, and, next weekend, I'll be on the Easton Art Trail, thanks to Hazel Hammond, whose house is venue no. 3 on the trail, and who will be exhibiting too, as will Deborah Harvey.

And tomorrow I'll be reading some poems at the Bath Festival of Nature. Goodness!

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