Monday, 30 June 2014

A Cautionary Tale - or, I Metamorphosis From An Antique Land

Greg Sams the cockroach once awoke
To find he'd turned into a human.
His family gathered round, and poked
Disgustedly; said "Look at you, man!
What happened to your carapace
So black and shiny? And your face!
Where's your mandibles and antennae?
Your legs? Good lord, you've hardly any!
Depart from here at once! Begone!
You don't belong under a stone!"
Poor Greg! Though we no longer see
His cockroach externality
He's still a taste for all things putrid,
And thinking he considers stupid.
Still, cockroaches are survivors- see!
He's now our UKIP MEP!
Continuing the theme of famous animals seen from the animals' perspectives. Sort of.  I'm in Bristol about to set off for Steepholm! More later, taters!

Yes, I know it's a stag beetle!

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