Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Secret Underground Bristol

This Saturday sees Bristol's Doors Open Day. So the Bristol Books and Publishers folk will be down at the Benjamin Perry Boathouse, with our bookstall. As well as being worth a look for its own sake, the Boathouse is a good place for a cup of tea and a bacon butty. And a book at a discount price! (As we're selling dreckly to the public, we can knock lots off the retail price).

 Perhaps of particular interest to visitors to the adjacent Redcliffe Caves will be Sally Watson's classic Secret Underground Bristol. Usually priced at £14.95, you'll be able to get it for £10 on Saturday. It's a really good book with lots of pictures. There really is a lot of underground Bristol, you know -like, f'rinstance, did you know about this cave? -thought not. Come and get the book! And bring your torch.


  1. I've been writing a book on Underground Norwich for, ooh, about 15 years.

    It's, um, still at the 'research' stage..

  2. It sounds great. The village where we are living now has underground passages...

    I'm trying to imagine a bacon butty middleman.

  3. get that finger out, Harry! People *like* books about underground cities, lemmetellya.

    Any idea what they were for, Anji? -I recall that Jane Grigson describes caves in the Loire valley that are used as snail farms, by piling ash in a circle to restrain the little beasts....

  4. It goes back to the Templars. Some say you could get as far as La Rochelle underground (about 10kms) It could be to do with the siege and also with the persecution of the protestants. Plenty of scope for burrowing underground....