Wednesday, 12 September 2012

careful, now


I popped over to IKEA to get some more picture frames, as the nice folk at the Oxfam Bookshop in Cotham have just sold another of the pictures I have on display there (the starlings, since you ask).

While I was over at Eastgate retail park, I went into ASDA's 'Living' store to see if they had anything useful. Riding up the escalator, I was surprised to hear warning announcements at both the bottom and the top. Obviously, you can't be too careful.

So I stopped and listened again, and made a note of the wording. The announcements sandwich these two verses. The rest is by me.
Please stand still and hold the handrail while travelling”;
You’ll see the promise of so many objects of desire
As you ascend, it’s safest to hold back;
Don’t worry, you’re already on the track
And deeper in as you go higher.
In-store security will stop you from unravelling.

You have the credit, so we’ll welcome you, direct you to the trough;
There are no windows, no uncomfortable views intrude.
The goods that we display here are the goods that you deserve
For being a good citizen, and we are here to serve.
Please form an orderly queue and don’t be rude;
Caution; you are approaching the end of the escalator- please step off.


  1. Yes, it is like that.

    I love the shopping trolleys, you don't often get to see them so well behaved.

  2. all squeaky clean too! The photo was taken in Abercarn; it used to be a steelworks, and is still sort of- they now refurbish shopping trolleys. It was just here that I once caught my moped's wheels in a rail track and went helter skelter...