Monday, 19 March 2012

urbanity and the language police

 Here's a bit of a laugh from Urban Outfitters, purveyors of fine clothes to the people you can see being sick in bus shelters, if you should happen to be out and about in a city centre in the hours before dawn.

Jack and Jill,
Went up the hill,
So Jack could see Jill's fanny,
But Jack got a shock,
And an eyeful of cock,
Because Jill was a closet tranny.

I appreciated the humour so much that I registered with the website, so that I could write a review.

This card buys into the narrative that trans women are predatory deceivers, trying to trick men into sex. It's offensively stupid. Furthermore, if you don't own the term, you've no business calling people trannies. 

It's hard to imagine the circumstances when anyone would want to send this card to anyone else. What message  are you or the potential purchaser trying to put across, here? -that you're an idiot?

Sadly, the website encountered a problem with my review. As they explained (see below)

Your review text contains inappropriate language