Sunday, 4 March 2012

his nibs

"I've got an old pen and some nibs that I'm not using," said John Terry; "You're welcome to them, if you like."

I'm a sucker for pens on any day of the week; this one was a revelation, though, and I'd not seen anything like it before. It's a Pelikan Graphos, and it's about forty or fifty years old.The nibs slot onto the body of the pen, and are fed from a sort-of reservoir inside, into which you can drip ink through a slot. So, unlike dip pens, they hold a charge of ink for ages, and unlike a Rapidograph, you wash them out after every use, so they don't end up clogged up.

I would have taken a more detailed close-up photo, but I can't find my big lens. What with the problems on the Moggy lately (I changed out a tie-rod end yesterday, which, combined with the replacing upper trunnion bushes the other day, has hopefully cured the Trav of  its recently-developed tendency to try weaving around the motorway when I put the brakes on), and general business, things in Schloss Marland are more than usually chaotic.

Which is saying a mouthful.

This morning, I spent ages trying to find my memory stick (got a picture to take to the printers tomorrow). And then gave up. And started looking for the 300mm camera lens, so I could take the pen porn pics. 

And immediately found the memory stick.

Here's yesterday's picture. The weather's getting warmer, so I can get up at three in the morning and get on with stuff, instead of lying awake . This is Mal, in characteristic pose.