Saturday 31 March 2012

The Secret Blackbird

The Secret Blackbird is hot off the press! More adventures in accidental ornithology, as Geraldine looks into the whys and wherefores of garden birds disappearing in the summer.
"Suddenly, every summer, there's an uncanny silence throughout the land, and I'm asked, where are the birds? Has my robin deserted me? Is it the global warming? Is the country going to the dogs? Have the blackbirds left the sinking ship?
This book explains what's going on; why our birds disappear in the summer, what they are up to, why they aren't singing, and when they will come back"

Available from Etsy (click on the link to go to my shop!) 


  1. Congratulations! This looks great fun. Is this really the case though - no birds? We have so many here in the woodland and surrounding fields and we are not that far from Bristol (about a half hour's drive); maybe this is where they have all gone?!

    In fact with mild winter many water birds started pairing up at Christmas and the song bird and corvid population are thriving.

  2. Fear not, Bella- they're there, it's just that they go all furtive and quiet because.... but you'll have to read the book to find out! (or Google it of course!)

  3. I just knew it all those years ago Dru that you would end up doing something like this!!! Your drawings were, and still are, extraordinarily brilliant, you are very, very talented matey and I am soooo glad that you have put it to good use and make a living out of it.
    Keep posting the stuff on fb as I love to see your amazing drawings, I show my partner, Gaynor and she thinks they are amazing too.
    Looking forward to seeing you again in August at Tobies Burfdee bash Dru, take care and all the best.

  4. Thanks, Tim! -reminds me, must get working on the Pirates of the Karen Bravo design!

  5. I see we have to buy the book to find out why! The same happens here.