Tuesday, 17 August 2010


James Russell wrote an enjoyable piece about trout fishing in America and about Trout Fishing In America the other day. And I thought it would be nice to read it again. So I did a bit of hunting, and found this first edition at Oxfam. It cost more than a paperback edition, of course, but it is a nice book. And it means that Oxfam get a useful-sized contribution to their funds, at a time when they really need it. And I get a really good book. A bit of a win-win situation.

Because it seems a bit ironic that I've been celebrating messing about in rivers at a time when Pakistan is having such awful trouble with floods.

Anyway, I mention this because it seems like a v good idea, because I hadn't known about Oxfam's online secondhand bookshop until now, and maybe you didn't know about it either. Here it is.

postscript: talking of Richard Brautigan, Andy Mc Carthy over on Flickr introduced me to this lovely Lovely Eggs song....