Wednesday, 25 August 2010

a big thumbs up

A survey yesterday revealed that 94% of people approve of the use of Gender Confirmation Surgery, where indicated, in the treatment of transsexual people.*

The survey was carried out by Charlotte Horsfall, in a laudable attempt to drum up traffic on her cosmetic surgery website, Good Surgeon Guide.

To bump the sample numbers up a bit and make it easier to use her calculator without ending up with lots of numbers after the decimal point, she popped out of the office and questioned some random strangers, whom we can identify as Gerald Ratzinger (purveyor of crap jewellery to the Pope), Twinkle the Hamster, and that shouty bloke at the back of the bus. You know the one.

Their responses were instructive. In no particular order, they were

"Lock them up! Lock them all up! Send them back to wherever it is they come from!"

"Meep. Meep."


"Don't be silly, of course I haven't stopped beating my wife".

These responses were taken to mean that 6% of those questioned, when asked a particular set of questions, ticked the box that said that they thought that surgery for transsexual people should be illegal.

As Charlotte said, when our reporter caught up with her on her website,

"Remember, we're just like you. We're not qualified- apart from our real-life experience. We're not a clinic, so medical questions will be beyond us! But we'll still try to find the answer for you even if it's that we don't know...."

*figure extrapolated from the results of the survey, using a methodology which Upside Down In Cloud has decided is at least as good as Charlotte's