Friday, 16 October 2009

light in the sky

There has been quite a lot of weather around lately; beautifully clear skies and terrific sunsets. The other evening, I saw this. It's a column of light standing above where the sun had gone down. It was there for ages. The photo doesn't do it justice; I only had my little compact camera with me. My Flickr friend Woodlands1968 was watching it too, from the top of the Malverns, or the Sleeping Dinosaur Mountains as we know them here, as they look like sleeping dinosaurs if you sort of squint at them as you drive down the M5.

I saw something similar, though even more dramatic, in the Bay of Biscay once; same sort of area I saw the sea monster, as it happens, but I've already mentioned those incidents here, and I don't want to do the Ancient Mariner thing too much...

Things are busily happening. I got a nice letter from BRERC , telling me that my interview had been successful and I am now on the register of call-out staff. Which means that, if anyone wants hedgehogs counting, or whatever, then I could be asked to help out. It's nice to be wanted. Even if there's nothing much needs counting just yet.

And a good response from the British Library, which I shall write properly about very soon.

(the Sleeping Dinosaur Mountains, from the M5 last year)