Sunday, 18 October 2009

here come the redwings

This is the time of year that Redwings arrive from Scandinavia, and it was a beautifully clear night, so I scrambled up onto the roof at four o'clock this morning. Sirius high in the sky, and all the other stars in the right place too. And very cold, of course. I was wrapped up in fleecies.

I sat and listened to the night city murmuring. And after a little while I heard a TSSSIIIIIPPP sound that may well have been a Redwing calling to its friends as they flew overhead.

And then a fox started crunching what sounded very much like a bone. It sounded as nice as you can expect it to sound when a fox eats a bone with its mouth open.

So I left it to it and went to make a cup of tea.