Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's Day is over

seen on a wall in Bishopston

So I went to the cinema last night with Marta. It was at a humungous great multiplex at Cribbs Causeway, an out-of-town mega-mall thingy. We trundled for ages around a humungous great car park where there were ten thousand cars already parked, then walked past the TGI Fridays and the Burger King and several other swinging hot spots to the cinema.

"I'll get these," I said to M, as she'd made dinner for me.

"No, I've got my pensioner card," she said, and got her own ticket.

My turn.

"Revolutionary Road," I said.

"Is that an adult?" he asked.

I was a little surprised; it's been a long time since I've been asked my age - the last time, as I recall, I was about 24, although I was being very giggly in a pub with an equally giggly friend. Must have been something we'd taken....

"Yes, please" I said.

We went off to find the pic-n-mix.

"You should have said you were a pensioner" said M; "saved you some money..."

...and I realised what the (young) chap at the counter had meant...

...we went to see Revolutionary Road, by the way, which, owing to some out-of-touchness on my part, I'd initially thought was about Che Guevara and then had a vague notion it had something to do with socialists in Australia. Wrong. Suburban dystopia. Quite an appropriate venue for watching the film, then.


Bimbling up the motorway yesterday, young K and I had a go at thinking up Valentine's Day haiku. Here's mine

First robin singing;
That warm feeling inside me?
-maybe just the tea.