Saturday, 28 February 2009

pop pics

It's interesting (well, interesting to me) to see which of my Flickr photos are being looked at. So here are my Top Ten.

No. 10 (338 views) The Bristol Balloon Fiesta, two years ago; mist came down as the balloons floated over my part of Bristol, and I scrambled up onto the roof and took this. The photo was on the BBC Bristol website, woot!

No. 9 (353 views) A Klondiker (Russian factory ship) in the River Fal, back in the 80s. This gets looked at a lot by Russians, possibly remembering the boom days when there were loads of these ships along the South Coast. It was pretty wild around Weymouth around then, let me tell you...
No. 8 (373 views) Per Ardua, a David Mach figure in a stairwell at Charing Cross Hospital.
No. 7 (409 views) Richard and me at the start of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path during our little walk around Wales. Ah, happy days, and it wasn't even raining.

No. 6 (411 views) Dorothy Hawksley's Nativity; a detail of the triptych at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I love this picture; there are women busily doing Useful Things around the crib, while Joseph stands there looking a bit spare. Must go back and get a higher-definition picture sometime, as it seems that mine is the only image of this picture available on the net (though I'd be happy to be corrected)

No. 5 (462 views) I call this picture Fleurs de Mal. It's loudspeakers on the Bristol Downs during a fitness event. This picture gets several hits every day, by people who Google "noise pollution". There is a risk that it may become my most popular photo. I wonder if, if I put the URL here, it will increase the hits? Let's see:

...shame it's such a dull picture, though.

No. 4 (522 views) Worcester Lodge, Badminton. For the architecture buffs.

No. 3 (522 views) me at the Boat Inn, Redbrook, with a nice pint of Beck's Vier, after a hot day's walking. Part of the Becoming Drusilla set. I do look fit there; all that gym work paying off, and a good thing too or I'd never have kept up with Richard. Shame about the bug flying past my chin.

No. 2 (546 views) La Pocha Nostra, at the Arnolfini Arts Centre, Bristol. I was one of the "Paparazzi Scum". I wonder if it is the nakedness that gets this picture into the number 2 slot? -no, surely not...
...and at No. 1 (608 views) the statue of Romulus and Remus being suckled by the she-wolf, at Green Ore in the Mendips. There's a nice story behind this statue, involving Gaetano Celestra, an Italian prisoner of war. And if I (or indeed you, if you've persevered this far) feel a slight sense of anticlimax, I guess that at least the picture is providing a useful service for people who want to know what it looks like.