Thursday, 19 February 2009


Following on from talk about what-comics-we-read-as-children, and since no-one appeared to have heard of Ranger, I did a bit of hunting and found some stuff here. And this is the very issue that contained the plans enabling you to Make Your Own Flying Concorde, which was the first model aeroplane I ever made out of paper.

Which led on to greater ('greater'?) things, such as a fiendishly complicated model of a Victor bomber which I built based on pictures in my Big Book Of Aeroplanes.

...which in turn resulted in my first altered state of consciousness, owing to an intense session with the Stanley knife, an acre or so of cartridge paper and a tube of UHU glue.

Very odd sensation. Not sure that I'd recommend it.


Crikey, it's getting a bit BOP around here. Here's a picture as a bit of light relief.

Damn, it's got an aeroplane in it.