Friday, 15 February 2008

owl service

Saynt Valentyn, that art ful hy on-lofte;
Thus singen smale foules for thy sake -
Now welcom somer, with thy sonne softe,
That hast this wintres weders over-shake.

as everyone knows, Valentine's Day is the day that birds take their mates for the year. It seemed a good occasion to rehome our wooden owl, as she was certainly never going to meet anyone up there on the bookshelf.

Out to the Downs, then. A flight of Redstarts were hanging out on the grass, and it was wintery cold with a nasty easterly blowing. Come on, Spring! Pull your finger out...

Here she is, then, in her new home.

Postie came while we were out climbing trees. I got... a letter from the Inland Revenue. Romance in my soul, me.