Wednesday, 20 February 2008

what the Doctor ordered

As Ivor Cutler said, "Thin shoes tell you more about the world we live in than thick shoes."

Thin shoes tell me that, just at the moment, it's bloody cold.

I got a nice pair of Doctor Marten boots the other day, from a charity shop. Just the thing for bouncing around the frozen countryside.

I think the previous owner had given up on trying to break them in; they were stiff and painful after a short while of wearing.

I have had problem boots before, and usually ended up being broken by them rather than the other way around. I once even tried the traditional army wheeze of using urine, and concluded that there are some v good reasons not to use this method. Like, yuuurk, and who wants to put their feet in boots that smell of wee?

So today I'm thinking outside the box and rubbing moisturiser inside the boots. Time will tell how effective this proves, but at least they smell nice.

...these are the boots that got me round Wales. Note: they're not boots, they're shoes.