Saturday, 30 June 2012

making traps for clothes moths

The electric tennis racquet is seldom far from my reach these days, as the clothes moths take to the air all around the flat. Lord knows what awful scenes will be revealed if the House Teenager ever gets round to picking up the clothes ("I don't have any clothes") which lie 18 inches deep across her room.

I've been looking into DIY ways of getting rid of the moths, as, fun though it is to swat them with the ETR, the resulting ZAP accompanied by crackling and puff of smoke is a bit distressing. More for the moth than for me, but you know.

Apparently clothes moths are attracted to fish oil. So....

I boiled up some golden syrup with granulated sugar and a few anchovies

...dipped cartridge paper into the gloop...

...and found that I'd apparently created anchovy toffee. Whoops! set quite hard.

So I smeared a bit more golden syrup on the papers and left them to stop dripping.

And we shall see what happens when they get hung up around the place. Mothmageddon? Here's hoping.... Watch this space!

postscript: after two days hanging up, the anchovy toffee strips caught exactly 0 clothes moths. And they dripped gobbets of toffee onto the floor. Meanwhile, two strips of fly paper from the hardware store have caught 18 moths.