Monday, 20 February 2012

serf will get it clean

 So many reasons to boycott Tesco, so little time. The idea that unemployed people should be used as free labour is an obvious step in the direction of a feudal society, but it's still a bit odd looking at the banal reality of a Jobcentre ad for shelf-stackers offering 'JSA (that's Job Seeker's Allowance, if you didn't know) plus expenses (bus fare, presumably)'.

Tesco claim the ad was an IT error. If so, there's a lot of it around. I see that Superdrug in Bristol are offering the same terms.

I lean out of the window and listen to the birds. The dawn chorus is starting to get it together; robins, wrens, a dunnock, a blackbird chinking. A crow in the distance. Last year, to the day, I recorded blackbirds singing. I long to hear them again; they mark a serious waypoint in our journey into spring.