Thursday, 7 July 2011

so long and thanks for all the chips

so long, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

Feeling quietly celebratory here that the News of the World is to be shut down, after all the revelations of phone hacking performed on the paper's behalf.

Not that it will mean an end to bad practice in journalism; but there's just a chance that it may herald some shift in attitude.

Snooping phone calls by the families of victims of murder and terrorism, and buying stories from policemen, is vile behaviour. Sufficiently vile to provoke national outrage. I'd like to think that some day, the vileness of reportage such as that (to take but one example from countless examples) by the Daily Mail, over the Sonia Burgess case, will also be seen as unacceptable. And it'll take more than the worthless Press Complaints Commission to effect that change.