Monday, 3 January 2011

dropping off the radar

Funny thing; last time I wrote about Wavid Dalliams and Latt Mucas (to Spoonerise the chaps in question) the post in question became mysteriously invisible to Google. And a similar thing happened today, when I wrote this; earlier today, it was very near the top of the first Google page if you entered a few key words; now it is nowhere to be seen unless you enter some very specific terms.

Just saying. If you fancy linking to the post in question to see if it will become more visible, then who am I to say no? I'm not entirely sure I know what's going on here, but it seems odd that a voice from within the 'trans community' should be nobbled when it is critical of a self-appointed spokesperson for that community....


  1. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the creepy Walliams and the other person have considerable clout and could get Google to push your post into a virtual oubliette.

    I really can't see how their 'comedy' can possibly be regarded as consistent with the high standards we expect from broadcasting. Not that their programme was the only bit of rubbish on this Christmas and over New Year. The scheduling has been devoid of anything that might be called High Culture, or indeed anything of intelligence. I missed nothing, sitting in my caravan in Cornwall sans TV.


  2. Less clout and more smoke and mirrors, methinks. I wonder what the Little Britain team's brand reputation management company charge them for each of these incidents.

  3. First - Lucy, I commend your use of the word oubliette. It's a lovely thing.

    Dru - As much as g**gle says they do no evil, they actually just make a lot of money and I'm sure your local government broadcasting system which profits from the negation of others by a computer as entertainment may have more clout with said megainternet giant than you do and can make finding what they don't want us to find more difficult.


  4. I'm curious about how much Walliams and Lucas know about this; tough one of the earliest visitors to this morning's post had found me through using the search term 'walliams' on Twitter. It is probably about time I wrote to the loveable comedy duo.

    Hi Natasha! Oubliettes are, of course, quite popular over here. We have three at least in Schloss Marland...