Saturday, 3 July 2010


I went across the Downs yesterday morning, on my way to do something, so I stopped off and tiptoed to the place where the peregrines like to sit on a rock, basking in the sun and thinking falcony thoughts. And there indeed was a peregrine, though it launched itself off and away across the gorge when I tried to get a better picture.

Later, I stopped off again on my way home, and this peregrine was swooping around the place and riding the updrafts...

..and then it was joined by another and then another, until there were five of them. There was some passing of a dead creature between them, and a lot of play. And several swoops from a great height into the gorge, followed by zooms up to an almost equally great height. It was like watching Spitfires showing off, but without the sound of the Merlins, as it were.