Thursday, 15 January 2009

sharp focus

Yesterday I was out and about getting photos of trees for a picture I'm working on. Near the side of the Avon Gorge, I heard the cry of a peregrine falcon, hurried over to the edge. Too late to see it in flight, but a watcher helpfully lent me her binoculars and pointed out the two falcons perched over in the woods at the other side.

They were a bit far away to photograph, but this jackdaw wasn't.

Then a little later a buzzard flumped down in a tree just by me. Here it is.

It's nice having all this wildlife stuff on my doorstep, along with all the advantages of the city, like the slob in the Jaguar who tried so hard to force his way past me, gunning his engine just behind me as I cycled along a very narrow residential road on my way home.


Pencils are sharpened, rapidograph pens soaking in cleaning solution, just about run out of advanced displacement activities- cups of tea, Tunnocks Snowballs, cleaning the bathroom sink.

Time to get going then. But as Chandira kindly posted a haiku about her new teapot on my last blog entry, I'll pause to submit this one about the joy of putting on new specs after floundering around for ages in a state of un-focus. Small things can be big things, you know.

How finely woven,
This spider's web by my head.
Thank you, nice new specs!