Wednesday, 14 January 2009

cat sighs

I was looking for a photo of clear winter days, as a requiem to the cold snap that's just finished. But I couldn't find one. So here's a road picture instead.

Last week I was heading up the motorway to a rendezvous in the Midlands. It was a cold and frosty afternoon. I got caught up in the aftermath of a fuel tanker falling over on the M5, which meant that the motorway was closed for hours and hours, and alternative routes were either choked with traffic or dangerous with ice. When I finally escaped at Tewkesbury, I cut across country through the Forest of Dean and went home.

Had another go the next day. Made it this time. Here I am with a Nice Cup Of Tea at Hopwood Park services. I'd packed my emergency gear, you see.

O look, here's a clear wintry photo, and something I wrote while driving up the motorway on a clear wintry day. It started as a haiku but then sort of spilled over.

Full moon still,

Black crow bobbing in a big sky.
I can see
Every twig in every tree.