Thursday, 26 October 2017

colder, and otter

moon in the ash tree
oh! Where did all the leaves go
since I last saw it?

Change sneaks up on and past us, and then you look at a photo taken a month ago and think how much greener everything was then, and look out, as I did, last night, and go oh!

...and I am getting on with commissions and Christmas card and calendar designs too. This one has Netty on it, as I thought it would be nicer to look at than my ugly old boat. I took liberties with the relative scales of the aqueduct and the boat, though that would be v much in keeping with the style of the aqueduct's builders. Did you ever look at nineteenth century pictures of ships or buildings and wondered at how HUGE they were? -that's because they were drawn to look impressive. Like earlier pictures of prize animals, exaggeratedly massy. In this case, the aqueduct loses out to the boat. Soz, aqueduct.

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