Saturday, 24 October 2015

hot Trangia mess

that Trangia emotion

Over on Being Drusilla, my post Telling Our Story, about the pernicious effects of people getting the wrong idea about trans folk, has been widely read; I was checking through the stats to see just how widely, and found that I'd been linked from this Reddit page below. (I'm not linking to it; I'm sure you can find your way there if you want...)

Never been to Reddit before, because I don't need to. What is this Reddit of which you speak? ...goodness, is it all like this? 

It's quite cheering to see that Richard and I are nestled there in between the tranny cam sex and hot blonde shemales. How many perves click through in hopes of seeing Eric Hobsbawm (who he?) doing something dodgy in the hay, to find an eminent and entertaining Marxist historian, in a tent in a muddy welsh field, followed by bangers and mash? Bless 'em. 

(the title of this post spoofs some idiot gay website in the USA, that once described me as 'hot tranny mess', which I understand is not intended as a compliment.)

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