Friday, 13 February 2015

fettling a Strida

After my nice Strida bike was stolen from the back of my car in December, I got a replacement on Ebay. Sometimes you can strike it lucky with Stridas and get an old one very cheaply; this one cost me £80, with another £20 to get it delivered. Still, it's a Strida. And a v manky one when it arrived, having evidently been lying around for a long long time....

All the bearings were gunked up, so a complete strip down was needed.

out you come, you little bearings
a quick wash in penetrating oil and a scrub with a toothbrush. Shiny shiny

that's better

this is the clip that holds the wheels together when you fold the bike up.
You've got to take it off to remove the wheel


the hub brake is then revealed

free up the brake pads, sandpaper the braking surfaces...
a bearing cup

back together again

and ready to go!

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