Wednesday, 23 October 2013

gert macky

gert macky, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.

Here's the logo for Gert Macky Books, at least until something simpler comes along. I think the chap in the basket may be Brunel. Maybe the woman is Sarah Guppy, Bristolian pioneer of the modern suspension bridge.

I'm ploughing on with the pictures for Inking Bitterns, an anthology of wildlife poetry, to which some really rather good poets have contributed some really nice poems. More details on the poets in question later, though Deborah Harvey, Alana Farrell, John Terry, Liz Brownlee and Alan Summers are in there for sure.

Here are some redwings, on my drawing board at the moment.

It's getting quite exciting; it only occured to me a couple of weeks ago that the anthology might be a good idea, and now I'm trying to get it all done and published in good time for Christmas.

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