Sunday, 10 February 2013

dieu et mon doigt

Funny how a little goof can make such a difference to your life. Last Saturday I caught my finger in a sash window. The end of the finger was broken and the nail was ripped practically right off. So off I went to  A&E, and a nice medic removed the nail, sewed things back up again, and stuck the nail back on to protect the needlework. Which was as painful as it no doubt sounds.

House teenager reluctantly accepted that she'd be having to do the washing up. Though it didn't go down well.

"Why don't we have a dishwasher?"
"I don't like them, they cost money, use up energy, take up space that we don't have, I prefer doing it by hand cos it does a better job"
"We should have a dishwasher, everyone else has one"
"You buy it and install it then"

And so the week went on.

Oh look! Deb's book arrived. And jolly good it is too.

Finger's starting to get adventurous now. We'll be flying off to the hospital again tomorrow to see how it's getting on.