Thursday, 2 August 2012

cat sighs

cat sighs, originally uploaded by Dru Marland.
Cat sighs – and so would you,
stuck in the road where cars go through
with fat black tyres to squash them flat.
But they 're hardly ever put out by that,
they sighs a few sighs
wipes both eyes
then springs back to life like a cartoon cat.
John Terry*

Admiring Steve Marland's collages this morning, I recalled this one of mine from a few years ago. And since I've been doing a fair bit of travelling lately, here it is again. Life on the road.

*John wrote this in response to the photo, and e-mailed it to me just then. So I've added it here, because I like it. Thanks, John!


  1. Art and literature created before our very eyes..

  2. neat, isn't it? John's poem just arrived in my inbox shortly after I posted the pic!