Tuesday, 23 July 2013

hoist the fairly Jolly Roger

Some of Bristol's publishers will be getting together on a book stall this weekend, for the Bristol Harbour Festival. We'll be at the Benjamin Perry Boathouse on Phoenix Wharf, in Redcliffe.

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It's a good place to seek out; there it is, that big black wooden building there. You can either walk down the long ramp from Redcliffe Parade, or follow the cobbled road round from the Ostrich pub; or come through the gate on Redcliffe Way.

We'll probably be upstairs, along with the tea and bacon butties.Very good, very cheap. Good books. And cards of my pictures. Come along! It's not all people in pirate hats going ARRRRRR. Honest.


  1. Ah, if I were nearer...or drove...or there wasn't a weekend of village cricket...I'd be there!

  2. A whole weekend of cricket? Crikey!

  3. It's 20% tea and sandwiches, 20% chasing geese off the wicket, 20% hunting for the bails, and 20% waiting for the umpire to show up - is why it takes all weekend :-)