Thursday, 16 June 2011

watching the eclipse

Watching the Eclipse
We sat and watched the bit of sky
We thought was where the moon would rise,
And talked of things, and listened to
The sheep bleat, and the cows go moo,
And blackbirds throwing songs from bushes
That echoed round the woods, their pauses
Taken by the songs of thrushes
-Wild, episodic notes. Dog roses,
Ragged in the after-rain,
Overhung the sunken lane.

And clouds slid by, so low that we,
From where we sat, could scarcely see
The radio mast there on Dundry,
Behind which was the moon, by now
Well risen, so my watch said, though
No hint of its eclipse we saw.
Only the horseshoe bats that flew
Around the ash tree where we sat.
And it was good.

And that was that.

(written for the eclipse in the middle of June, then removed because I entered it into a competition. Ha! Safe to come out at last.....)