Tuesday, 2 March 2010

springing on

It's beautiful weather, and I pop up onto the roof every now and then to witness the spring unwinding itself from the last of the winter.

Got a call last night from C. Her car's in the menders and she needs to get out into Somerset for work. Can she borrow the Morris?


We go out for a run so she can get the hang of things. It's quite funny when someone is not used to old cars.

"This is the choke..."

"The choke?"

We kangaroo up the hill, pause at a junction and go hippity-hop upward in second gear with the engine screaming and the clutch making a worryingly toasty smell...

Things get better soon. C is very adaptable. I wave goodbye as she and the Trav disappear into the night, with the faintest crunch of the gears.