Saturday, 6 February 2010

starting up again

My birthday is near as heck the same as Imbolc, or Candlemas, so we combined the two and went off to the reed beds at Aust to make a Bridget's Cross.

And then we went hunting for a fish and chip shop, because we like to celebrate birthdays in style. Severn Beach has nothing to offer the hungry reveller, but Avonmouth has not only an Indian restaurant but a pizza parlour, a Co-op and a chip/kebab shop. So that was all right.

I've been unwell, hence the inactivity on the blog. B did some acupuncture on me a few days ago, and it was really useful. I am now swimming back to the surface.

And, as Imbolc marks, the world is coming to life again after the snow and ice. There are snowdrops, there are daffodils on the kitchen table, and I saw a black-headed gull in its new season's balaclava.