Saturday, 23 January 2010

kitchen disasters and other disasters

It's been a bad week in the kitchen, though it has provided me with some quotable quotes. Like when I sort-of-apologised to Katie for putting too much lemon juice in the coleslaw, and she consoled me with the reassurance that "If it's any help, I wouldn't have liked it however you served it."

And then I put a loaf in the oven and got engrossed with a drawing, and three hours later Katie noticed the smoke, and...

..and then I dropped the pan of cabbage (fried up with garam masala, since you ask) as I was preparing to dole it out onto the plates. Katie had not tried very hard to hide her dismay, earlier, when she realised that cabbage was on the menu. "Ha! Served just as you like it," I said, surveying the steaming mess on the floor.

I'd been shamefully procrastinating over giving money to the Disasters Emergency Committee for the Haiti earthquake appeal. Then I heard on the radio that the sum of donations in the UK was £38 million. Which is a bit less than 50p per person, by my rough and ready reckoning. Which I thought was very shameful. So I got onto the DEC website and did something about it. And so can you, dear reader, if you have not done already. Follow the useful link above!