Sunday, 7 June 2009

Dialect Radio interview

On air. As it were.

So I went to the BCFM (Bristol community radio) studio and did an interview with John Peters-Coleman of Dialect Radio. We talked about attitudes to transsexual people, media portrayal, Tribunals, and "Becoming Drusilla."

The Dialect Radio show goes out on BCFM on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

The programme can be heard here

...and here are the programme details:

Dialect - 06 June 2009

Listen on air: 93.2 FM (BCFM), Saturday 9:00 PM & Sunday 9:00pm

Features this week [Time in brackets index to the featured item in the
mp3 file]:

(01:53) Interview with Toni regarding the book "Becoming Drusilla" by Richard Beard
(06:10) Interview Drusilla
(14:36) Song - True Speaker by Katey Brooks
(18:07) Feature from Tony Gosling - Interview with David Haplin
(26:56) Studio Performance from the band Sons of Sunday
(34:07) The Innkeeper's diary - part 6
(42:19) Feature from Anthea Page - Interview with Anne Campbell regarding Australian Aborigines
(53:09) Jeff Sparks music roundup
(53:44) Pride and Joy - Track of the week by Stevie Ray Vaughn
(59:04) Credits

60:00 Minutes Total

Producer : Anthea Page
Presenter: John Peters-Coleman
Reporters: Anthea Page & Tony Gosling
The Innkeeper's Diary: Malcolm Grieve
Studio Engineer: Alistair Grant